Skate Or Die Records

A Message from owner

my Name is Lance Stone and I own skate Or Die Records. We are a mom and pap type family owned Skate Shop and Punk Rock/Ska/Reggae record label. I  grew up on punk rock/reggae/and so much you wouldn't believe.  Skate Or Die's mission was never to compete, but really to bring something to the table that is true DIY right in your face. I truly love all shapes and forms of all music. We here at Skate Or Die Records Thank you and all the fans for all these years. The up's and downs were in my words," deservingly a learning curve, but I truly learned how to be a better human when all said and done." That has made it's way to reflect on the label present day.  We look forward to seeing you all soon. 

~Skate Or Die Records~




"No Matter if people show hate while they contradict and Lie. Just go out there and Skate Or Die. Do not give up!"