Skate Or Die Records

We are not responsible for the rights to be owned per song/album/ it is owned by the artist. And therefore we are an independent label offering the highest quality Do It Yourself Promotions within label. 

We do not get involved in any political civil battle nor pick a side here. Were as always a bunch of Skater Punks who love Reggae smoke a lot of bud ha ha, and enjoy life. We ask you have fun here as well. Adopt our site as a place to dream no matter a fan or a player.  If you want a place where you can feel like your not walking on eggshells to be yourself. Than look no further. Bands on this label release their album by year actually released unlike before. We thank you for visiting and look forward to your support in our new walk in life to have more fun than ever for Skateboarders who are artist with all types of bands, We are interested in working with all venues and the public with our soon to be community of collectives rather than a close mind.  Artist, even skateboarders themselves can post videos through us and cast it on video of skaters section.